Professional Values Statement

I am committed to;


  • Taking on new challenges that will establish my international awareness and experiences abroad
  • Leaving my comfort zone and comfortably embracing change
  • Always hold fairness and loyalty as the top priorities in business
  • Marketing products that align with my personal values and beliefs
  • Working alongside international companies that implement socially responsible business practices
  • Conscious and mindful about the industry’s ability to be sustainable for future generations


  • Valuing and exploring the diversity of humanity that honors sustainability and inter-dependence from the most unlikely of partners
  • Engaging with people no matter their political, economic, and social status
  • Fostering international trade and intercultural communication
  • Crafting personal relationships and connecting to target audiences that value globalization and international trade
  • Never relying on presuppositions to judge others that hold different cultural values
  • Recognizing the disparity in global access to resources

Personal Growth

  • Recognizing generosity, harmony, and compassion as the true framework of self-respect
  • Finding a holistic approach to the entirety of my lifestyle
  • Promoting the importance of integrity in the world of international business
  • Trusting and Respecting the privacy of others
  • Establishing personal connections with consumers of all cultural backgrounds
  • Investing time in an industry that reflects my personal goals for my career
  • Never intimated by new challenges or obstacles


Robin williams

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