Why I want to work for a B-Corporation


Why companies with creative and moving social missions will be more successful??

We need more B-corporations that focus efforts on social corporate responsibility

From their mission statement alone Patagonia distinguishes itself as a very unique B-Corporation and they truly are a pioneer in their sector.

Patagonia’s Mission Statement:
Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

yvon chouuinard
Yvon working in his shop

I have taken a particular interest in the founder and owner of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, and his strong social mission that he has encapsulated within his organization from the ground as the leader of Patagonia. I hope to work for an organization in my near future that isn’t adversarial to nature, culture, and the economic disparity around the globe. The company to this day is labeled as a B-Corporation,and Patagonia provides environmental public benefit and value to certain issues through the profits that they generate each year.Patagonia is one of the most successful outdoor gear/clothing companies of all time with annual revenues of 600 Million USD and over 2000 employees. Yvon Chouinard is an avid climber and his first business venture was in his own equipment company named Chouinard Equipment. Yvon’s blacksmith background helped him to manufacturer chrome molybdenum steel pitons and climbing equipment. By 1970 Yvon had the most lucrative climbing hardware company in the United States even before Patagonia started releasing their clothing line.

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We need more businesses that can raise food production, eliminate disease, and improve people’s lives on a global scale and keeping them employed with the proper job security. I personally want to have a career where I can create benefits for others without losing my own personal identity. I know deep down inside that I feel extremely enthusiastic about nature and I want to live a life where I am surrounded by nature and its wonder. I love the idea of encouraging more people to get out of their houses and to participate in outdoor activity. A job in the outdoor industry is a job that I could truly see myself excel at because of my drive to work in a profession that I am truly passionate about. I found it extremely enthralling that Yvon never dreamed of becoming a businessman and was simply doing this to keep climbing and be able to pay the bills. Yvon started his organization by hiring his friends that also liked to climb, it can’t get much better than starting a business with your friends doing the exact thing that makes you wanna get out of your bed every morning. Kudos to Patagonia and their sustainable supply chain that functions like an eco-system with as few suppliers and contractors as possible to be meet demand. I have a deep desire for the environment and want to contribute to aiding the environmental predicament by refraining from motorized sports and stick to human powered sports instead.

How Patagonia Gives Back:

1. One Percent For the Planet

2. World Trout Initiative

3.Footprint Chronicles

4.Common Threads Recycling Program




All Nations Under God

international pledge of allegiance

International pledge of allegiance causes controversy for many Americans


There is a public school by the name of PS75 in New York City that has taken it upon themselves to change the pledge of allegiance, we Americans have recited since our first days of schooling. PS75 teaches in English and Spanish because many of the students speak both languages. PS75 is a very globally diverse school compared to the rest of the nation, yet PS75 is still receiving backlash for putting the flag up for auction on Biddingforgood.com, but the post for the flag and its description were removed shortly after because of the opposition toward the kindergarteners international flag.


PS75 Emily Dickinson School


The American flag that the kindergartners created has the flags of Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico etc. amounting to 22 nations total. Some critics say that this is an act of treason by the school officials because it desecrates the American flag. Sean Hannity from “The Sean Hannity Show” went off about how he thought our youth is indoctrinated by left-wing ideas. I think the teachers were simply trying to teach acceptance, but in a world where political correctness is necessary many Americans are agreeing with his outrageous claims.


sean hannity show.jpg

We are in living in a globalized society and with the advance of technology we have the access to learning about new cultures and societies we should embrace global citizenry. I asked fellow kindergarten teacher Donna Hasler of the Baltimore County Public School System what her take was on the controversy, she stated that, “A project like the international flag could be used to teach students about foreign cultures, acceptance, and tolerance that could create learning opportunities for my students”. I personally agree with Donna, and I think we should’t accuse PS75 of promoting their “liberal indoctrination” tactics because they are simply educating their students about globalism and helping these kids actually learn more about globalism at a young age. I think it would have a positive effect on the education system as a whole in the United States because we clearly are lagging beyond countries like South Korea who have the best education system currently in the world. As an International Business major at Champlain College I feel that globalization should be taught to students as early as possible because the last time I checked the United States is globalizing at an unprecedented rate, and our education should be adapting to these changes.




The United States ranks 14th in education… It is probably time to switch things up a bit. By 2016 you think that the United States Public Schools and public opinion would be able to tolerate teaching their students about building a global community along with learning about their own nation. Americans we need to meet somewhere in the middle. We need to create an environment where all  feel welcomed and where we can make our United States united once again.


PS75 school official and students have faced bomb threats and shooting threats the last couple days since their auction post. These are kindergarteners and school educators and administrators, not radical extremists. We should be teaching our youth about multi-culturalism (the notion that all cultures are equally valid).


Ban Ki-Moon

Ban Ki-Moon is the Secretary General of the United Nations. Ki-Moon believes that his organization is the parliament for humanity, hope, peace, security, and sustenance to the world. Why don’t we take his lead America? We should be using our resources to teach students to be better global citizens.

United Nations Flag


America Isn’t the Best at Everything?


There are a plethora of countries that have surpassed the United States in a variety of fields because some of the alternative methods that these countries have chosen in order to resolve or enhance their society and culture. I have chosen to spotlight the school lunch program in France and how they offer superb school lunch on a national scale.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.18.36 PM.png

France offers school lunches that offer a well balanced diet with ingredients that don’t have you looking to the dictionary for their definition. The cheese selection alone for these students would trump the variety of meal choices in a typical middle school or high school in the United States. The French take the initiative to teach their students about nutrition and maintaing a well balanced diet at a very young age. This practice enacted by the French creates an environment where obesity levels are at some of their lowest rates in the world. School meals in France offer 3-courses and sometimes 4.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.58.50 PM.png

All I got in my high school was the most overcooked squishy pasta with a lukewarm red sauce, where French students in some of the most impoverished villages have the same caliber of food than the richest communities in France. The tidbit that surprised me the most was that the French do not offer a national school lunch program, yet the United States’ national lunch program are still spending just about the same amount per meal($3.00) as the French, but the food the U.S. schools offer is downright atrocious and unhealthy. The French refuse to even serve the same dish twice in a month at their schools. I think that if the United States could pay more attention to what is being offered to they’re students especially when these students’ brains are still developing. Lunch is even offered as a class in France because they feel that diet is that important because of the connection between mind and body. For the most part French children are eating better than even a college student like myself. These children even have the pleasure of having the food served to them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.23.59 PM

Many Europeans believe that lunch is the most important meal of the day, and as a result the French take it upon themselves to serve their students instead of making them serve themselves.  Although many French schools forbid packed lunches from home which can create opposition due to the fact that some students have diet restrictions because of their religion. A typical French school lunch would be composed of a salad, choice of meat and veggies on the side, a cheese dish, and a dessert.

How can the United States do so little to help their aspiring students to eat healthier? We need reform for the school lunch program in the United States thats the main issue. The United States government needs to take greater action to educate students about why a well balanced diet is essential to healthy living.