Localvore Today’s Impact on the Local Economy

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As the Spring semester comes to a close and my academic career at Champlain College does as well, I have began to flourish by narrowing down my passions for my post-academic pursuits. The very thought of working within the local food and beverage industry of Vermont has granted me with intense excitement. I’m the guy at the co-op reading the labels and ingredients to find out as much as possible about certain companies and the goods that they provide and then comparing these goods to their competitors.

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I love keeping my consumer habits local and I am extremely passionate about how the local Burlington start-up Localvore Today has the exact same mission as my individual goals. I think there is an endless amount of opportunities in a state like Vermont, where local communities always come first when it comes to the food/beverage industry.

Localvore Today is the tool for local businesses to tell their story and can act as an e-commerce resource to promote environmental sustainability and socially responsible business practices within the state of Vermont. I especially admire how CEO, Dan White, in a sense re-invented the lightbulb with his entrepreneurial idea of a localized Groupon website. I hold a high respect for Dan because he decided to start working for Groupon as an account executive in order to promote his idea and learn about the business model of Groupon in order to have the background to succeed wit the implementation of  his localized Groupon concept in which he could incorporate his own personal social mission on a daily basis.

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Localvore Today does a tremendous job of connecting local businesses to the consumers who hold them in high regards. Dan’s formalization and execution of his idea in Vermont is simply genius. Dan was held to a non-compete clause after he left Groupon, but Groupon at the time did not operate in the state of Vermont, and at the start of 2012 when Dan started the company he was one hundred compliant with his non-compete clause. Dan’s goal is to give back to the area in which we are living in, and give incentive for other local businesses to do the same.

dan white localvore today in action

Every company that Localvore Today works with is independently ran and do not possess a corporate or national headquarters located outside of Vermont. In a state like Vermont that is riddled with a significant state trade deficit it is so important to maintain local business growth and to promote the consumerism of local goods and services which Localvore Today has excelled at doing time after time during the last 4 years of operation at their Lake St. location nestled right against Burlington’s revitalized harbor. (thank you Bernie Sanders, who was mayor at the time and advocated for a waterfront to be proud of)

dan white localvore image

Dan has created a way through the conception of Localvore Today for more local Vermont businesses to strive to meet B-corporation standards. Groupon may be a somewhat valuable resources to many, but Groupon is no Localvore Today because Localvore Today has the ability to connect nonprofit organizations that hold similar passions and perspectives with the local businesses of Vermont, so that consumers can connect easier to local merchants through e-commerce and digital marketing. Localvore Today uses GoogleMaps to show the user where each local merchant is located, and describes each merchant in detail on the Localvore website, so that the consumer can get a better sense of how the local merchant fits into the local community and how they impact the local economy of Vermont.


localvore today logo.jpg

Today there are approximately over 20,000 subscribers on the e-mail lists for daily deals of Localvore Today. The anti-Groupon site receives a share of each sale, but refrains from charging local merchants out of pocket for their services. The Localvore Today concept works so well in a state like Vermont because many businesses despise discounting or using pedestrian digital content to describe the maturation of their business. Localvore Today provides digital marketing content solutions for a community centric marketing approach, and as a result can boost the dollars spent on local goods and services in the local Vermont economy.


Also check out this new app I have been using called Buycott. It allows you to support causes relating to consumerism, and allows you to scan food products that have bar codes to tell you if the supply chain or manufacturing process is using sustainable and socially responsible business practices.


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