Giving the Gift of Stock

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There is an organization by the name of “Stockpile” founded in San Francisco, California that has opened the doors for many more people to start trading online in order to buy smaller shares of a company without massive initial deposit fees. and only charges the user $.99c USD for each transaction compared to some of the most popular trade broker sites like E-Trade and TD-Ameritrade where they both make $9.99 USD commission on every transaction and $500.00 USD is the minimum initial deposit where all it takes with Stockpile is an account and routing number from your bank to get started with your very first portfolio. Stockpile now becomes the alternative for many people that have insufficient funds to invest the minimum initial deposit.


stockpile kiosk merchandise


Stockpile are selling shares of the market behemoths like Google, Amazon, Tesla, and Apple. Stockpile also offers shares in exchange traded funds(ETFs) that include a collection of stocks, gold bars, stocks, commodities, and bonds. Stockpile possesses the convenience to invest, and invest in the brands that the individual loves on a personal level. Stockpile allows the purchaser to invest in (American depository receipt)ADRs, ADRs are securities that are traded on U.S. Stock Exchange to represent the ownership of foreign companies. Stockpile is even available for download in the Apple app-store for use on an Apple’s IOS mobile software.


There is a fixed value for the gift certificate until the gift is redeemed for the number of shares proportionally to the stock chosen. The user has to be 18 years old, but the parent can open an account for an individual under the age requirement to own shares. Registered by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). Risks are still involved even though its a gift card have to keep that mind when purchasing gift-card from Stockpile. Remember to have your social security number ready also if you want to redeem your shares. Stockpile also offers e-gift purchases sent through e-mail. It can be utilized by anyone who is an American citizen. The gift card is $1.99 + 3% gifting fee with no sales tax just the commission fee from the credit/debit card company and to the trading commission. If you want to make a cash transfer they are free of charge.The accounts with Stockpile are insured up to $500,000 per account.


The CEO and CO-founder is Avi Lele and the headquarters for Stockpile Investments Inc.are in Palo Alto, California and they act as brokerage firm for all types of consumers.

Avi Lele speaking during a Podcast

 You can buy physical Stockpile gift cards at Buehler’s, Giant Eagle, Kmart, OfficeMax, Safeway, SuperValu, and Wegmans locations.

Stockpile was one of the winners at the 2014 Finovate Spring event in San Jose, California


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I bought my first stock GPRO, or GoPro Inc. by setting up my bank account with Stockpile and registering an account with $25.00 dollars. I bought the stock at $12.95 per share and used all $25.00 the money I transferred. 99 cents is charged for each purchase, so I was given $24.01 to buy 1.86413 shares of GPRO. I opened my account in early March, and since then I followed the stock market more than I ever have in my life. I think Stockpile has a really innovative concept, and I would personally suggest using it as a tool to learn more about trading for consumers that are just starting to learn how to trade.I would totally buy GPRO stock now because they are about to release their first drone called the “Karma” although GPRO may have competitors, but the Karma upon release will be the lowest priced drone of its kind on the market.







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