International Beverage Opportunities


Svijany Pilsner from Czech Republic

In the past decade the craft beer industry has expanded to become a major part of the alcoholic beverage industry, and as a result we have seen a creativity boom in the beer making process within the industry as a whole. The likes of Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors have tried to appeal to niche beer markets that desire for creative beverage choices, but the craft-beer industry has appealed to more consumers in the last ten years and has captured a large portion of market-share from the Macro-breweries. The beer industry overall is an over-saturated market because of the few barriers to entry. Macro-breweries have much less flexibility to manufacture small quantities of unique beers, therefore have to stick to only the few flagship beers that they have always made. The macrobreweries generate the largest revenues because their companies invest more in marketing and advertising, but honestly I think beer making is an art it should go back to its roots where smaller breweries rely only on word of mouth marketing from their consumers

Craft beer is defined as small (annual production of 6 million barrels or less), independent(less than 25% of the brewery is owned or controlled by an alcoholic beverage industry that is not a craft brewer), and traditional(Majority of total beverage alcohol volume in beers that have innovative brewing ingredients). Macro-breweries inhibit creativity in an industry where innovation could potentially not just appeal to avid beer enthusiasts, but even to your usual non-beer drinkers. International craft beer trade could be of great potential to the State of Vermont where they rank first in beer consumption in gallons per capita in the United States at 16. Vermont has the most breweries per capita of any state in the United States.

I just got back from a trip to Prague, Czech Republic wheredan bornstein prague I had spent the last four months studying and had the chance to try some beers from all over Central Europe. Below I have listed my favorite beers that I think need to be imported to Vermont from Central Europe. All the beer selections that I picked to showcase below are varieties of beer that I tried when I was abroad. Not all of the beers shown are craft beers which, but still have serious investment potential as fast moving consumer goods to import to Vermont.


Steps of how to Import Beer locally in the US:

  1. Get your permit TTB Form 5100.24
  2. Email if there are any questions to

Breweries that have the potential for importation to the U.S.:


Pivovar Matuska:

logo_17_17Broumy, Czech Republic Founded in 2003 by Martin Matuska.

  • Offer Unfiltered and Unpasteurized Beer
  • 4 man team brewery
  • Bottom and Top fermented beers
  • Brew without sugar, syrups or hop extracts
  • Brew with only water, malt, hops, yeast and decoction mashing


cc60fc0234949544ce1021204070f9d2_320x320Beer Bros:

Zyradow, Poland 

  • Showcased is the Hippie Session IPA a beer that could have consumers mesmerized by the label alone
  • I met the brewer of Beer Bros at Beer Geek in Prague and his enthusiasm for the product was astounding



Steigel-Brauwelt, Austria also deep roots in Salzburg, Austria

  • Privately owned since 1492
  • Famous for their saying “Quality over Quantity”
  • Only brewery with 12 degrees of original wort(higher malt content)
  • Produce 28 different types of beer





Svijany, Czech Republic Established in 1564svijany

  • Brewery is located in a small village
  • Unpasteurized lagers
  • Was sadly acquired by ABInBev a multinational beverage and brewing company





Benešov, Czech Republic

  • First established in 1595
  • Hops are grown in the region that are still used today
  • Produces 5 different types of beer
  • Ltd. to Joint-stock company





Vienna, Austria Opened in 1837 by Heinrich PlankOttakringer_dose

  • Last large brewery operating in Vienna, Austria
  • Brewed in the 16th district of Vienna
  • There is a Viennese special expression named after the 16 rack of beer, “16er Blech”
  • There is 300 person concert venue in the brewery



Why there is import and export opportunity in Vermont for beverage investments:

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 1.52.27 PM

Best brewery in the world is in Vermont?

Hill Farmstead Brewery is located in Greensboro, Vermont and has been rated the best brewery in the word twice the last two years from I have not yet been to the brewery myself it is located in what Vermonters call the NEK or the Northeast Kingdom. It is on my list to go visit and pick up a 64 oz. Growler as soon as possible.


News Article about Hill Farmstead Brewery

Brewers Association Infographic:



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